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I've got the magic stick...
Jul 08, 2003, 01:52 AM,
I've got the magic stick...
Alright, I haven't posted anything in ages, but something strange happened and my friend suggested I post it for fun. Fun for the whole family..

There are times when I'm online with yahoo messenger and I get these odd people that decide to chat with me for no apparent reason. I don't know them and they have somehow found me by trolling through the member directory on yahoo. Here's some recent dialogue I had with a special one.

random person: hi
Robb Force: Hi, who are you?
random person: hi i dont know u
random person: just chattin online
Robb Force: Ok, how did you find me?
random person: i was in people directory
random person: just bored
Robb Force: Haha, I seem to attract a certain number of bored people
bored person: lol

Approximately 5-10 minutes pass...

bored person: u know any guys that want head for fun?
Robb Force: Huh, is that a trick question?
bored person: no
Robb Force: From who?
bored person: i like to give head
bored person offering head: for fun then leave
Robb Force: Haha, interesting. Are you a guy or girl?
bored person offering head for fun: guy but i can suck good and leave
Robb Force: I have a couple gay friends but I don't know if they'd be up for that
bored guy offering head for fun: im not into the gay scene
bored guy offering head for fun: im down to give it discreet and then leave just for fun
Robb Force: Yea, but you'd have to find a guy that's into letting another guy touch his member. So even if you aren't gay, you're  only likely to get a gay male to take interest
bored guy offering discreet head for fun: yeah but some guys just want to get suckd just to get head
Robb Force: Ahh, I see. Not me, sorry.
bored guy offering discreet head for fun: if u know any guys im down to suck it and leave im not gay or a flamer im just down to give it for fun then leave
Robb Force: Got it. If I run across someone up for that, I'll direct them to you
bored guy that's not gay offering discreet head for fun: cool

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." -- Douglas Adams

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