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a poem of mine
Jan 26, 2012, 08:41 AM,
RE: a poem of mine
(Aug 27, 2001, 10:42 PM)Mystery Maiden Wrote: crosing futile territory
lying between Love and Hate
searching for a dark eye to see
waiting for the soul mate
anticipating me
dazing plead
undying need
for the stranger we know
affection starts to show
serenity's touch through void
lured by love's coward
teased and annoyed
visualizations flood the mind
missing what was never there
followed traces of blood
there we were-dark and fair
wrapped in lace, punctured with thorns
now we cry, mourning for the born
glitter my eyes, soften my skin
become a part of me from within
the thoughts in my head are yours to blame
though we may never see, we will always be
you're my eternal flame...

I loved that post, one question though,
can I link to it on my blog to share it with my readers ? Thanks.

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