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hey, look! - JuggleFoe - May 16, 2001

we have a folder for a system that has been officially declared dead!


hey, look! - Robb Force - May 18, 2001

No way, Dreamcast will be kicking it for a while before everyone abandons it. There are too many cool games still out there.

But I'm a PS2 fan myself.

hey, look! - JuggleFoe - May 18, 2001

i dunno, i think a lot of people gave up on it when sega officially declared that they were no longer going to manufacture new dreamcast consoles.

hey, look! - Robb Force - May 18, 2001

Yep, that's true, but there are still some good games for it. Any console is only as good as the games made for it. And if someone is still putting out games for a system that is no longer being manufactured then I wouldn't consider it dead yet.

hey, look! - apoc - Jul 15, 2001

yeah, i just bought some dreamcast games for cheap on ebay, and i'm getting a dreamcast now cuz they're so damn cheap. They're going for less than N64's! And soul caliber is just so damn fun...

hey, look! - Robb Force - Jul 15, 2001

Yea, Soul Caliber was one of the sweetest games I've seen. The graphics are really sharp. I wish they would come out with it on PS2 It would probably look about the same but should have more levels and will be faster.

Do you think Soul Caliber has a game on the VRU(?) unit. I'm not sure how that works.

hey, look! - JuggleFoe - Jul 15, 2001

my dad got a dreamcast when it came out. he had a few sampler discs, soul caliber, and that stupid boat racing game. that game wasn't nearly fast enough.

hey, look! - Robb Force - Jul 16, 2001

It all depends on the code in the game. There was a game I played before on the DC called Power Gems or something. It was really cool and I don't remember having problems with it being slow at all.

hey, look! - JuggleFoe - Jul 16, 2001

yeh, i played that game too.

it also has to do with the amount of detail in the game. the amount of polygons, the amount of characters, the framerate...

this boat racing game was just really dull, and overly scenic.